Eid Al Adha Toy Gifts

Spreading Joy & Hope to Children Across Canada

This Eid, our teams all across Canada are partnering with grassroot organizations to answer the call and help deliver Eid gifts to vulnerable children from Ontario all the way to British Columbia.

Sharing the blessing and joy of Eid has never been easier! You can bring a smile to deserving children in Canada by gifting an Eid Toy for only $50. Our goal is to deliver over 1,750 toys across 15 cities in Canada, sharing the joy of celebrating Eid Al Adha and bringing light one smile at a time.

For children facing challenging circumstances, receiving a toy during this joyous occasion can bring them a sense of belonging, happiness, and hope. Join us in these simple acts of kindness to show them that they are valued and cared for, and loved as they are .

Help us bring happiness to their pure hearts and make this Eid a celebration for all!

“He is not of us who does not have mercy on young children, nor honor the elderly.”
– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Tirmidhi)

Every child deserves an Eid of hope, love, and belonging

Participating in the Eid Al Adha Toy Drive is easy and convenient. Simply make a $50 donation or any amount you can give, and our dedicated teams across Canada will take care of delivering the toys to children in need, from Ontario to British Columbia.

Many children in our communities face various challenges and may not have the means to experience the joy of Eid. Your contribution will bring hope and happiness to these children, reminding them that they are valued and loved.

Together, we can create a sense of belonging and make a positive difference in their lives.