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Deadly earthquakes struck Southern Turkey and Northern Syria

The Turkey Syria earthquake from February 6 has caused extensive damage across multiple cities and towns. Compounded by the recent earthquake on February 20, even more people and infrastructure have been buried under the rubble, and rescue operations have resumed in a desperate bid to save lives.

Over 50,000 people have been confirmed dead across both Turkey and Syria, with a total of 24 million people impacted by the earthquake.




Death Toll 6,000 people
45,089 people
Injured 8,550 people
80,278 people
Displaced Persons 298,000 people
380,000 people

Thank you to the Government of Canada who announced that donations made to the Humanitarian Coalition have been matched in support of relief efforts for the Turkey Syria earthquake. As a member of the Humanitarian Coalition, all donations made through Islamic Relief Canada to the Turkiye Syria Earthquake Appeal from February 6 – 22, 2023 will be matched up to $10 million.

How will your donations help people in Turkey and Syria?

Alongside keeping the people of Turkey and Syria in our prayers, we have a duty to not turn our back on them. You can help ease the burden of this catastrophe for the people of Turkey and Syria by donating towards our life-saving work in communities for displaced families across both countries.

$130 can provide a cash grant for a family to purchase basic essentials 

$150 can provide a food pack for a displaced family

$275 can provide two families with emergency shelter

Beyond urgent support, there’s still so much to be doneBe the first to start a monthly donation that will continue to support the long term needs of those affected by the earthquake. Your monthly donation can help us provide the continuous recovery support that communities need.

By sponsoring an orphan for $90/month, you can help save and transform the lives of vulnerable children in the Turkey and Syria earthquake disaster zone. Your support can provide much needed clean water, healthcare, education, and shelter.

Sponsor an orphan struggling to survive in the worst conditions and truly change their life for the better.

Your Donations in Action in Turkey and Syria

Islamic Relief teams are on the ground right now responding to the disaster in Jindires, Sharan, Atareb, Daret Azza, Salqin, Dana, Maaret Tamsrin, Qourqeena, Harem, Sarmada, Bdama, Darkoush, Ariha, Jisr Alshughour, Janudiyeh, Ehsem, Armanaz and Afrin of the Idlib and Aleppo regions of north western Syria. In Turkiye, we have presence in Islahiye and Nurdagi of Gazientep, Kahramanmaras, Kilis, Adiyaman, and Samandag, Antakya and Altinosu of Hatay province.

Islamic Relief’s Immediate Response:

  • Emergency food aid
  • Winter kits
  • Shelter
  • Water trucking

Your Current Impact


Rights-Holders Are Currently Reached

*All long term responses are contingent on ongoing assessments, and subject to change based on community needs

Earthquake in Syria

The death toll from the earthquake in the north western regions of Syria has risen to over 5,800, while thousands more have sustained injuries or remain missing under the rubble. 

In a country rife with 12 years of civil war, poor infrastructure and long lasting poverty, the aftermath of the Syria earthquake is absolutely devastating. A total of 1,460 buildings have been destroyed and 472 more impacted since the earthquake struck last week. 

Shortages in fuel, electricity, general supplies and medical supplies are limiting rescue personnel and medical staff from reaching and treating more Syrians. Health facilities are understaffed and under-resourced with shortages of essential medical supplies reported. 

There is a huge need for reception centres, shelters, food, and medical support for the people of Syria. Help reach Syrians impacted by the Turkey-Syria earthquake today.

In Turkey & Syria, you helped distribute:

  • 5,304 food packs which include rice, sugar, olive oil and tomato paste
  • 7,390 food vouchers 
  • 4,750 hygiene kits which include soap, towels, toothbrush and more
  • 290,896 food items such as bread, cakes and drinks
  • 408,431 medical items 
  • 23,486 mattresses, blankets and plastic sheets 
  • 613 child kits and diapers for kids and the elderly 
  • 305 fireplaces 
  • 2,141 m3 water through water trucking and tanks 
  • 469,230 kg of heating material

Islamic Relief’s Long-term Response:

    • Psychosocial counselling and recreational therapy
    • Repairing damaged shelters, health facilities & schools
    • Medical support, including replenishing equipment and supplies and providing staff salaries
    • Cash grants/vouchers to purchase essentials

    Islamic Relief is on the ground

    Over the years, Islamic Relief Canada has reached 1.3 million people in Syria and 110,000 individuals in Turkey to date. In Syria, our teams provide emergency and development support within Aleppo and Idlib regions. In Turkey, we are based in Istanbul and Gaziantep. 

    Islamic Relief teams are on the ground right now responding to the disaster in both Turkey and Syria. We are providing medical supplies to local hospitals, food packs and shelter items to displaced families, and emergency water trucking. Help save precious lives and donate now to our Turkey Syria Earthquake Appeal.

    Help us reach the countless voices pleading to be heard today.


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