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12 Years of Devastation in Syria

The crisis in Syria has reached a grim milestone as we mark over 12 years of crisis – a decade of devastation and dire suffering.

For the past 12 years, the brutal conflict in Syria has left 6.7 million people displaced, 470,000 dead, and 5.6 million as refugees. The recent earthquakes have only exacerbated the destruction caused by the civil war. Syrians are living in constant fear, hunger and suffering. They must not be forgotten.

Today, more than 14 million people within Syria are in need of humanitarian aid. Many of them are orphans, widows and elderly who cannot wait any longer.

Your support is needed to provide food, shelter and medical care to those who need it most.

Donate now and help us provide urgent relief today.

Earthquake in Syria

The death toll from the earthquake in the north western regions of Syria has risen to over 6,000, while thousands more remain injured or missing under the rubble.

In a country rife with 12 years of civil war, poor infrastructure and long lasting poverty, the aftermath of the Syria earthquake is absolutely devastating. 1,460 buildings have been destroyed and thousands more impacted since the earthquake struck on Monday, February 6.

“The earthquake must be put in the context of 12 years of crisis. Relief efforts must support long-term solutions that rebuild infrastructure damaged over the past 12 years, not just the past few weeks. Millions of people in Syria have been uprooted and homeless long before the earthquake struck, and hospitals are struggling from years of bombing and scarce supplies.” 
– Waseem Ahmad, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide

There is a huge need for reception centres, shelters, food, and medical support for the people of Syria. Help reach Syrians impacted by the Turkey-Syria earthquake today.

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Help Ongoing Recovery Support for the Earthquake

Our immediate emergency response is just the beginning. Beyond urgent food, medical, water and shelter support, there’s still so much to be done. Islamic Relief is committed to restoring dignity and rebuilding lives for the people of Turkiye and Syria, long after the news cycle dies down.

Join our mission. Be the first to start a monthly donation that will continue to support the long term needs of those affected by the earthquake. Your monthly donation can help us provide the continuous recovery support that communities need

Make a difference by sponsoring an orphan from Turkey or Syria for $90/month. You can help save and transform the lives of vulnerable children in the Turkey and Syria earthquake disaster zone. Your monthly support can provide much needed clean water, healthcare, education, and shelter.

Sponsor an orphan struggling to survive in the worst conditions and truly change their life for the better.

How your donations are helping people in Syria

Islamic Relief teams are on the ground right now responding to the disaster in Jindires, Sharan, Atareb, Daret Azza, Salqin, Dana, Maaret Tamsrin, Qourqeena, Harem, Sarmada, Bdama, Darkoush, Ariha, Jisr Alshughour, Janudiyeh, Ehsem, Armanaz and Afrin of the Idlib and Aleppo regions of north western Syria.

In Syria, you have helped provide: 

  • 408,431 medical items 

  • 131,789 packs of bread

  • 5,279 mattresses

  • 8,150 blankets

  • 5,878 plastic sheets

  • 129 tents for displaced families 

  • 613 child kits and diapers for kids and the elderly 

  • 305 fireplaces 

  • 2,141 m3 water

  • 25 latrines 

  • 469,230 kg of heating material 

774, 326 Rights-Holders Are Currently Reached

Why the people of Syria need your help

Alongside keeping the people of Syria in our prayers, we have a duty to not turn our back on them. You can help ease the burden of the Syria earthquake’s aftermath by donating towards our life-saving work in communities for displaced families.

How much does it cost to support Syrians and Syrian refugees? 

  • $130  can provide a cash grant for a family to purchase basic essentials 

  • $150  can provide a food pack for a displaced family

  • $275  can provide two families with emergency shelter

What is Islamic Relief already doing to help in Syria?

Islamic Relief has been on the ground for over 18 years in Syria. As the pandemic forced organizations to pull back their operations, Islamic Relief is able to continue its operations and stand by the people of Syria. 

As one of the largest aid organizations still operating in northern Syria, the generosity of our supporters means Islamic Relief remains as a lifeline for many. Through our shared global efforts in the past year, Islamic Relief has provided food to over 770,000 displaced people, vital healthcare support to 1.2 million people and medical necessities to 84 health facilities. 

And yet, there is still so much more that needs to be done.  

Emergency shelter: Help us to continue providing emergency shelter to those struggling to survive without protection or a tent to call home. 

Food: Help us to continue providing urgent food support. We are the World Food Programme’s main partner distributing fresh bread and ready-made meals in Syria.

Medical care: Help us to continue bringing vital medical care to communities without access to hospitals. Our mobile emergency unit is providing daily critical care where many hospitals have been suspended following attacks.

Help us reach the countless voices pleading to be heard today. 

Donate Today

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How you can help Syrian refugees

Your donations for Syrian refugees helps meet their food, water, sanitation, hygiene, medicine and psychosocial needs through our emergency and development projects. 

As a leading Syrian refugee charity, we are providing medical services for trauma patients, awareness sessions on maternal health and nutrition to new mothers, as well as distributing baby milk and formula. 

To improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene for host and internally displaced communities in Northwest Syria, we are rehabilitating water supply systems, establishing sewage networks and solar powered water systems, and distributing hygiene kits. 

In response to the Syria earthquake, our team is focusing on delivering emergency food aid, water, shelter and warmth supplies, and medical care to those impacted. 

During the winter months, your donations help to procure and deliver warm blankets, heating kits and other essentials that keep Syrian refugees warm. Seasonal Qurbani meat packages and Ramadan food packages act as a lifeline to over 12,000 Syrians.


Donate to Syria today and save lives

“I could not find a job here because this city is small and has a large number of Syrians. I cannot leave my children at home and be away from them for a long time,” says Hoda, one of at least 5.6 million people to have fled Syria since the crisis began. 

She and her young children endured squalid conditions in one of Syria’s many camps for displaced people, before crossing the Turkish border in a bid for safety. Living in Hatay, they faced grueling poverty as Hoda, a widow, struggled to find work until Islamic Relief intervened.

“Now I work in the greenhouse that Islamic Relief provided for us,” says the mother-of-four, describing the support she received to help her earn a reliable living. She was given crops to maintain and sell for a profit. “I originally come from an agricultural area, yet they provided further training for me also. I help my friends in the project and teach them what I know.”

Hoda’s family are one of 450 in the area to receive help through agriculture, beekeeping and vocational development support projects provided by Islamic Relief. Many of these families have been given plots of land so they can plant tomatoes, strawberries and sustain beehives, offering a reliable source of food and income.

There are millions more like Hoda, seeking urgent support after fleeing violence and leaving their whole lives behind. As Syria enters into a second decade of crisis, please do not forget them.

Your urgent support is needed to help save lives in Syria. 

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