Sadaqah Jariyah Water Wells in Mali

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Give Water, Change Lives

Give your Sadaqah Jariyah and donate to water wells to help us provide sustainable access of clean drinking water and irrigation for gardens and animals, for conflict-affected communities in Mali.

Your donation today will go to help build a solar-powered borehole water well system, construction of a microdam, and the installation of nutritious food gardens. This will enhance livelihoods and support irrigation farming for years to come, acting as a Sadaqah Jariyah to build towards your Akhirah.

$50 can provide clean water to an individual

$250 can provide life-saving water to 3 families to grow crops

$5,000+ can help build a water well system and sponsor a personalized mural tile on the well

Well Inscription with Your Name
As part of our project in Mali, you can receive a personalized inscription on our well’s mural in your family’s name or in memory of someone who has passed for donations of $5,000 or greater. Once you complete your donation, our team will reach out to confirm the name you'd like on the mural.

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